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Scrap gold

Dievert's Jewellers will either buy or take on trade towards new purchases your old broken, worn and outdated jewelry. Take all your unused old, broken and worn out gold jewelry into Dievert's Jewellers, our payouts are based on live gold market pricing.

We do on occasion buy gold and silver bullion and gold and silver coins, prices we pay are the same as buy prices except you benefit from not having to risk shipping it somewhere. We will also buy your Junk Silver coin (i.e 1920-1966 Canadian & US coin - dollars, half-dollars, quarters and dimes)

If your not wearing it and it's been sitting there for years it makes sense to sell or trade it in. If you have some jewelry that is in need of repair you could use your scrap gold to pay for the repairs.

We prefer all scrap gold business transactions be conducted in person.

- We do not buy Stolen jewelry, Mined or Panned gold.
- All scrap gold is sent to a refiner to be recycled, once we process your scrap gold you can NOT change your mind, and get your scrap gold back - Sorry, it's gone.